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There was a time when left-handed golfers felt "left out" on the course.   Forced to swing the other way, grappling to finish 18 holes while saddled with backward equipment.  Now, lefties can rejoice as they openly choose from a huge selection of clubs designed especially for them.

The golf equipment industry has certainly broadened its horizons.  Many manufacturers, including top names like Wilson, offer great new choices for left-handed golfers.

Wilson's Fi5 series of left-handed irons are the type of clubs that can change your game.
This Wilson brand is designed for outstanding shooters who seek the right irons to take their game to the next level. The Wilson Fi5 accomplishes this with a progressive weighting system, moving the clubs' center of gravity higher in the club, according to the corresponding arc.  As forged irons, these Wilson left-handed golf clubs have narrow top lines and sole widths, and the 8620 carbon steel construction provides outstanding feel.

The Wilson Pi5 lineup, on the other hand, is designed to help intermediate golfers with their control. These Wilson left-handed clubs also feature a progressive and variable center of gravity to ensure a higher arc for both the short and long game, and a straight trajectory for long irons.  There is an additional sweet spot to these irons as well.  Despite the normal head size, the Pi5 clubs feature a tall and narrow COR face.

Another choice for left-handed golfers is the Wilson Di5 series.  These clubs deliver the same clubface and head engineering as the Pi3 and Pi5.  The difference is that the Di5 series also features steel and graphite shafts, providing flexibility for long irons, and a stiffer feel for short ones.  The Di5 technology is True Temper steel or UST graphite.

Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that Wilson left handed golf clubs will deliver the type of performance formerly enjoyed by only right-handed players.
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