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Boats are made for the water.  So it may seem odd to consider buying a waterproof boat cover.  The truth is, if you want to maintain your boat and protect your investment, an all-season waterproof boat cover is the only way to go.

It is indeed one piece of equipment that is absolutely essential in maintaining the high quality and overall value of your boat.  For just a few hundred dollars you can buy a hard standing cover that will keep your boat protected from all kinds of weather.  After a rainstorm or when the snow melts in spring, there is no need to worry about waiting for the interior to dry.  Just remove your waterproof boat cover and hit the high seas.  No longer will you have to siphon water from the hull or wait hours, or even days, for the upholstery to dry.

Keeping Your Boat Cover Waterproofed

Just because a boat cover is waterproof when you purchase it, doesn't mean it will stay that way.  It's important to ensure that your new boat cover does indeed remain waterproof.  After a couple of years, the structure of the waterproof boat cover will disappear, and you'll need to ensure that the waterproofing properties remain after giving it a good cleaning.  There are products on the market that you can apply to your cover to provide ongoing protection from the elements.

Optional Waterproofing Methods

Even if you're not in the market for a waterproof boat cover, you'll still need some sort of boat protection.  Some boat owners choose to purchase a regular boat cover, and then add a standard issue tarp above the cover. A tarp provides a more economical way to create that essential layer of waterproof material.  The result is the same, but the cost is considerably lower.  

Ordinary boat covers can also be made waterproof.  Manufacturers will often apply a coat of fluorocarbon to the finish, which can help you save a few dollars while keeping your boat in excellent condition.  Shop around to see what options are available, and then make your decision.

All-weather Protection

The waterproof boat cover that you choose must provide protection from other elements as well.  Depending on where you live, cold-weather protection from show and ice must be considered.  The cover should provide a means to keep your boat free of dust and debris when the weather turns windy, and should also protect the paint and fabrics from fading due to the effects of UV rays.

You've already sunk a bundle into your boat, but do spend the extra cash on a waterproof boat cover.  The money you spend today will pay of in years of fun and great performance.
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