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Taking photographs as lasting mementos is an important part of any vacation.  But for some travelers, taking photos IS the vacation!

There is no greater thrill than finding snapping the perfect photograph of something truly beautiful.  It can be a brilliant sunset over the ocean, a snow-capped mountaintop, a beautiful butterfly perched on a eucalyptus branch, or the ear-to-ear grins of your kids at the amusement park.  No vacation is truly complete if you don't have the photographs to retell your tales of adventure.

If you're a photography buff who loves to travel, an adventure photo tour could be your perfect vacation.  It's an opportunity to travel to exotic places and catch the most incredible images through your lens.  Zoom in on life's greatest experiences, and capture the moments to preserve forever in your photo album.   Your pictures will keep the memories alive forever, and will help you to share the tales of your journey to friends and family.

Adventure photo tours are fun and exciting for photography buffs of all skill levels.  Even amateur photographers are welcome to join in the fun!  There are several companies that offer these shutterbug excursions, like the Las Vegas and Grand Canyon tours by Adventure Photo Tours.  These sightseeing tours of the Las Vegas area will take you to some truly beautiful locales.  You'll visit the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire and the infamous Area 51, as well as selected gold mines and ghost towns.  Stock up on film or buy a few extra memory cards for your digital camera, because you're going the picture-taking potential on this trip is practically limitless.

No matter where your travels take you, there is an adventure photo tour waiting for you.  The opportunity to get up close with nature's most spectacular creations will mesmerize you and impress everyone who views your photographs.  An African safari is hands-down the most awesome type of adventure photo tour.  In Africa, you will see unique flora and fauna that are worthy of the finest lenses and best quality film.  When you visit Africa, or any exotic country, you'll want to preserve every one of your memories.  Just imagine the effect it will have on your guests as they admire your own personal gallery of African wildlife photos!

Exploring the world's least-traveled terrain and getting up close to unique spectacles is a dream come true for any serious photographer.  Seeing these images is a rare treat; capturing them for eternity is unlike any adventure you can imagine.  Whether touring Africa, the rainforests of South America or snow-capped mountains of the United States, adventure photo tours make it possible to bring your wildest dreams to life.

Cameras were created to allow people to preserve special moments and save them as keepsakes.  By the same token, adventure photo tours serve the same purpose:  allowing travelers to save their special memories forever, and enjoy the mementos for a lifetime.
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